just go with the motion ....


when you and bae match

This had me weak
"i feel bad but you act like you can’t act civil yea.. I’m suppose to be nice but its hard to be nice when you r eruptive and balistic"

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"he loves me but he’s to passive …. he wants me but all to him self he treats me like a princess but the princess that is locked up in the castle …. we fight and it escalates …. he says he’s sorry he never meant it he loves me like no other thats why he acts like that and he does not want to lose me ….. i look around and i see his tears and i forgive … i want to get back to where we were at what happened why … why did it have to change ….."

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"if there was no hate you wouldn’t appreciate LOVE if there was no war you wouldn’t appreciate PEACE , if there was no corruption you couldn’t appreciate the GOOD people so there for you really couldn’t be happy if there was no bad things in the world .. —"

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